Friday, September 12, 2014

Photo Friday 2014 ~ Week 37

Today is my boy's birthday!  He's having a great day so far.  He woke up early, ran through the curtain of balloons, and opened a present before his Daddy went to work.  We skipped school for the day in honor of his holiday and he's played for more time on the computer than I care to share.  I just keep reminding myself that it's only one day a year!  Then when Daddy came home for lunch he opened another present.  I asked him if he wanted to go anywhere special for his birthday, but once again, my little homebody just wants to hang out here.  We are busy decorating for his friend party tomorrow and I still need to bake the cupcakes so this is gonna be a brief post.  I took a few pictures of him this morning and my favorites are from when he was eating his special breakfast...donuts!  He was very surprised to find those at the table this morning.  It's a sugar high and electronics overload kind of day. :)

 Double fisting the donuts. :)

Happy Birthday, my favorite boy!!

I'll be back next week with some photos from more birthday festivities and the traditional birthday survey. Have a great weekend!

Friday, September 5, 2014

Photo Friday 2014 ~ Week 36

Our first week of school is over and we survived!  Not only did we just survive it, but I think it went amazingly well.  There were no tears and very little arguing.  We were able to complete all of our lessons in a reasonable amount of time and I didn't feel stressed at all.  We even did electives like Art and Spanish and we took a half day off to go to Bible study.  All in all it was a great success.  I hope every week is like this one!  I am very pleased with the curriculum we selected.  I think the ease of use is helping everything to go more smoothly.  I'll try to write a post about what we are using because I know I am always curious to see what has and hasn't worked for others.  Today it was raining again and I hadn't taken any photos for my post yet again, but it's okay because the kids were working on a project and they were very engrossed so I was able to snap a few shots without them even minding.  They were each doing a mural of a forest for their science class.  They are studying Environmental Science this year and I love that they are able to do the class together.  It makes it so much more fun.  And the murals turned out great.  I taped them to our sliding glass doors and it made the perfect spot for this project especially if they go off the edges of the paper I can just wipe the paint off the window.   I'm keeping them up because it's a project that they add to each week as we study how different things affect the environment.  Here are my little artists at work. :)

We are studying tone and shading in art class so she was able to incorporate that into her mural.  She did a great job at making it look realistic.

I just had to include this because whoa, check out my baby girl's biceps.  She looks like she works out!  Must be all that tree climbing. ;)

My boy is only in 3rd grade and art isn't really his thing so I don't expect his mural to look like his sister's.  I like how he has his own style and really does his own thing.  His forest has a snow capped mountain and a cave and poison ivy. :)

And then this happened...

Good thing we're not going anywhere today!  They are keeping on their disguises (yep, she did one on herself too) to see if they can trick their daddy.

Hope you have a great weekend!

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Back to School 2014!

I cannot even believe that I have a 5th grader and a 3rd grader.  Where did my little kids go?  They are growing so fast and before I know it there are gonna be in high school.  I wish it would go a little slower.  At least I have a whole year with them at these ages and thank God they are home with me so I don't have to miss out on anything!  I am truly one blessed mama to be able to homeschool them.  They are so fun to be around and I love being their teacher.  This morning when I went in the kitchen to make my coffee my girl had already made it for me and put a lovely card next to it declaring me the Best Teacher Ever!  Inside she thanked me for homeschooling her...I mean, seriously, I have the 2 best students in the world. :)  It's only day 2 so we haven't gotten into our groove yet, but I can already tell that this year is going to go so much more smoothly than last year.  I really like the curriculum we are using, even the stuff I picked out last minute.  The kids seem really engaged with all of their lessons so far too.  I think it might be because I have to be more hands on with this approach and they like it when I'm right there with them.  I decided to have them do the same History and Science curriculum to make it easier on myself and I think that's going to work out really well since they'll be able to collaborate on different things.  I'll let you know when the year is over how it worked out.

We did our first day of school photos yesterday.  I wanted to use the same spot as last year because I like the photos to match from one year to the next but they are working on resurfacing the concrete walkways in our building and the pretty fountain is all covered in black plastic and there is caution tape all throughout our courtyard.  I can't wait for that project to be over!  So we headed across the street to the park (they call it a park, but it's not public, it's just a really pretty part of the grounds here that looks like a park minus the playground).  I thought I'd try to use a few props this year since my photos weren't going to match anyway.  It was super last minute and I just grabbed stuff from our house.  I really wish I'd had an apple, but of course, we were out of them.  My girl insisted on doing the photos on the actual first day of school so we just went with what we had.  After much indecision on the wardrobe front we were ready.  I took a bunch, but it was super hot and we were sweaty and one of my students was not in the mood, so it didn't all turn out how I had planned in my mind.  But really, when does it ever?!  So, here you go.  Our first day photos from 2014.

My sweet girl.  She suddenly seems so grown up!

Finding where we live on the globe. :)

3rd grade!  I thought about making them hold a chalkboard with the grade on it, but I figured that would really not match with the previous years' photos so I decided not to.  One of my friends does this cute thing where her kids write what they want to be when they grow up on the chalkboard and I thought about doing that too.  Then I asked my boy the other day what he wanted to be when he grows up and he just shrugged his shoulders.  Then I asked my girl and she said, "I don't know."  So I figured I might as well skip that photo.  I guess I could have put undeclared on it. ;)

It kinda looks like she's waving hi, but that's 5 for 5th grade!

I'm kinda loving the crazy bokeh in the background of this one.

I was looking at last year's photos when I was going through these and this kid looks way older!  It think it's the teeth.  Last year he still had all baby teeth.

Yes, she really bites her tongue like that when she's concentrating.  She gets it from her Grandmama.

She picked two of her favorite books to use.  And she was a pro at balancing those books!

My boy can do it too. :)  Maybe my kids have flat heads.

He's still not a huge fan of reading, but I'm hoping this year will change that.  Our library has a huge selection of graphic novels and comics that he loves to read which has helped.

I think this is my favorite.  I love knee socks and I like that she likes to wear them.

Pretty girl.

I really wanted a photo of them together but they were so over it at that point.  He was standing on a stack of books so he looks tall here.

Had to get a shot of my girl in her new glasses.

You knew this was coming, right?  The collage of every first day so far!  She's grown so much.

Here's the boy's collage.

He's getting so grown up.

Well, 2 days down, only like 200 or so left!  Let's hope they go quick...oh wait, wasn't I just saying how I wanted it to slow down?  Haha....typical, right?!

Friday, August 29, 2014

Photo Friday 2014 ~ Week 35

This week has been mostly consumed by trying to get ready to start school next week.  This is our first time starting the year as true homeschoolers since last year we started out with the Florida Virtual Academy.  It's completely overwhelming!  It's mostly my own fault for not being more proactive and waiting until the last minute to order curriculum and sort through last years materials.  I'm still working on updating the kid's homeschool portfolios required by the state too.  Since we started homeschooling in the middle of the school year (January) we have to keep records to be reviewed on the anniversary of that date each year.  That means our records will be kept for the calendar year instead of the grade year.  At first that didn't seem like a big deal, but it means reporting on two sets of curriculum and trying to show progress from the end of one year to the beginning of the next as opposed to just showing progress from the beginning of the grade to the end.  I'm going to see if I can go about getting our review date changed if it proves to be too much of a challenge.  Anyway, I did get a trip to Ikea in this week where I was able to purchase a cart (among other things because hello, it's Ikea...who can go there and not buy anything?!  Expect one of my friends who exerted amazing self control and didn't buy anything while she was there in some sort of super human feat) to use to make an art cart for the kids which I plan on blogging about soon.  All of that to say that I didn't get my camera out this week yet again.  I told the kids this morning that whoever let me take their photo would be my favorite kid for the day.  They both raced outside to let me take their pics, but my boy went back in and said it was too bright and his sister could just be my favorite.  She was in a very cooperative mood and we just walked around our condo a bit and it was so nice to just hang out with my girl for a few minutes.  We even met a new neighbor while we were out who has the cutest teacup poodle I've ever soon.  Here are my favorite shots.

I just love her sweet face.  She got some new streaks in her hair and wanted to show them off.  I like that they are subtle.  Can you believe she is starting 5th grade in just a couple days?  I'm not ready.  It's going too fast!

I like taking walks with my camera because it causes me to notice things I would normally just walk by and not appreciate.  Like these beautiful coral flowers.  I'm not sure I'll ever get tired of the flowers here in Florida.

We had to stop a few different times so she could climb trees, of course.  She's my ninja warrior girl.  She's so muscular!

There's this one corner of our landscaping that we walk by to get to our condo and it's so jungle like.  I love it.  Some days I get down about condo living, but then I need to just get out and go for a walk and I'm reminded of how gorgeous the grounds are and I don't have to lift a finger to make them that way.  Then I feel grateful for our vacation style condo living.

We have this neighbor who lives on the first floor and has the most amazing plants on his patio.  I can look down on it from my balcony.  These flowers grow up his wall and spill over the other side.  I love them.  They remind me of daffodils.

I am looking forward to many more walks as the weather gets more bearable.  I've missed them for sure.  I hope you have a wonderful Labor Day weekend and check back next week for our back to school pics!


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