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Monday, January 20, 2014

Christmas 2013

Christmas was a whirlwind this year.  It just seemed to fly by!  Which is kinda weird because normally at Christmas we are way busier but since we moved and we don't have as many friends, there weren't as many parties and commitments like their usually are.  I'm kinda glad though.  It seemed more relaxed.  I missed a few of the traditions though like the church children's program and the choir cantata.  This year we traveled for the first time ever at Christmas.  It was kinda weird to wake up Christmas morning and not be at your own house...but then again, we were at my mom's which is my childhood home, so it felt kinda comforting to me.  We were only able to get away for 5 days because my husband was the new man at his company this year, which meant last dibs for vacation time.  It all worked out fine though.  Originally we were going to have to drive home on Christmas Day, but the week before his boss changed it and we were able to change the dates around so that we could come home the day after.

We had a bunch of stuff crammed into our 5 days at 'home'.  It's starting to get confusing calling Ohio home, because now Florida feels like home.  Anyway, we saw friends and family and I was even able to have a girl's night out.  It was really nice to see everyone and made me miss them so much!  But in a way, it was like I had never left and no time had passed at all.  I hope we are able to continue fitting back in so well and that it never gets awkward, because I intend to come back and visit a lot.

No Christmas post is complete without the usually overkill of photos, so I'm just gonna share and tell some more as I do.  Here goes...

 We started our trip at the in-laws.  The cousins love to be silly together!  I love my girl's face on the top left...I have no idea what gift she had just opened but she must have found it disturbing or something. :)  My boy got the one present that he was dying for and I was so glad he got it early so that way he could finally stop talking about it.

He may have been slightly spoiled this year...

My cutie pie nieces!

The next day my mom hosted a Christmas party for our family so we could get a chance to see everyone.  The kids had so much fun.  We did a white elephant gift exchange which is always a hit.  That singing lobster has been passed around for 4 years now I think!  I'm just really glad we didn't get it!

Wow...that's a lot of kids.  My kids have even more cousins who weren't there!

These are the cousins from my mom's side of the family.  This picture just makes me laugh.  It isn't a good family photo unless at least one kid is crying. ;)

These are my kids with my nieces and nephew.  All of my mom's grandkids (minus one that was born like a week after I took this!).

Next up...Christmas Eve.  My girl wore this dress that was my mom's when she was a little girl!  Isn't it gorgeous!?  She was so excited to wear it and loved that it was old-fashioned.  I think it's pretty timeless. It fit her perfectly too.  I also wore this when I was around her age.  I wish I had a picture.  Someday we'll dig one up, I'm sure.

My boy.  Doing his model face and his fake smile and then cracking himself up...pretty typical.

A new family picture.   I need to start up my 4 people 12 times again because this is one of maybe two or three photos of us together that I took all year.

Seeing this pic just reminded me that I had a collage of all my kids' Christmases so far and I need to add this to it.

More nieces!  I love these two cuties.  I now have 5 nieces and still just 1 favorite nephew. ;)

Opening gifts.  My sister was on bed rest and had her baby just a few days after this!  I am so sad that I haven't gotten to meet her yet, but Skype really helps.

My girl is the perfect height for walking her baby cousin around.  They were so cute together.

 Best friends.  I love these two together.

She is such a cutie pie!  I love pictures with Christmas lights in the background.

Warming their little butts.  Too cute. :)

Christmas morning.  Both kids were so excited about that giant penguin.  We now have the whole collection.  My boy loves those guys.  My girl got a skimboard and a Kindle.   My boy got Legos and a Furby that he was clearly less than thrilled about.  I took a bunch of videos instead of photos, so I really didn't get that many of them opening gifts.

Well, thanks for reading if you made it all the way through this!  Now that I've got the Christmas blog off my list, I'll get back to more of our Florida adventures next time.  

Thursday, December 19, 2013

Merry Christmas!

I was worried about what it would be like to celebrate the holiday season in warm weather with palm trees as opposed to our usual cold and snow.  I can say that although at times it's weird to be wearing shorts and flip flops while listening to Christmas music, overall, it's awesome.  I love seeing all the Christmas lights wrapped around the palm trees.  It's so pretty!  And shopping without freezing?  Amazing!  Trimming the tree while a warm breeze blows through your window?  Awesome!  Putting your daughter in a pretty Christmas dress without having to cover it with a sweater and worry about big fuzzy tights?  Perfect!  Seriously though...I like it.  It's not as weird as I thought it would be.  I think it helps that we are getting ready to go to Ohio for a visit and we will still get to experience our 'normal' Christmas stuff too.  Honestly, the one thing I really miss is having a fire in the fireplace and the stockings hanging from the mantle.  But other than that, we have really been enjoying the Christmas season here.  I know I will really be loving it when we get back from Ohio and I won't be freezing for the next 3 months like I would there!

So...I meant to send Christmas cards this year...but I never did get around to it.  I am so sorry!  I feel like a bad friend / relative!  I even took my kids out and took special photos of them with the distinct purpose of doing a card.  Actually, I did that twice!  The first time, I got them all ready and we drove over to the beach with it timed to be there around sunset.  Only on our way there it kept getting foggier and foggier to the point where I could barely see 10 feet in front of the car!  I kept driving though thinking we were going through a low area or something and crazy optimist that I am I kept thinking that surely by the time we got to the beach the fog will have lifted.  Um...yeah...there is this thing called 'sea fog'.  You can google it and find out why it forms and all that if you are interested in weather stuff.  It's apparently rather rare as the conditions have to be just so for it to happen.  It is seriously thick weird fog.  When we got to the beach (yep, I still drove all the way there!) you couldn't even see where the sky ended and the water began.  Just one giant grey blob with some sand.  So, obviously we didn't do photos that day.  I went back a couple days later and the weather was fine, but we forgot our Santa hats.  I got home and looked at the photos and didn't really like them because they weren't what I was picturing in my head with the Santa hats.   So, I was going to do another photo shoot...but who am I kidding, I didn't have time and the kids were not in the mood to do it again.   I sat down and looked at the photos again this week and realized that they weren't really all that bad.  They are actually pretty good, just not what I had planned in my head.  So, I'm gonna share them with you today. Aren't you lucky?! ;)

Cuties.  Just picture them wearing Santa hats, okay?

Her shirt has little gold sparkly thread woven through it but it didn't show up in the photos.  I need to remember to take photos of the outfits before I do a shoot in the future.

This kid was in a very silly mood that day.  I have tons of photos of him laughing at himself.

I don't usually do this, but I had so many outtakes from this shoot that I thought I'd share some.  Just in case you were under some illusion that my kids are super cooperative during photo shoots.  Yeah, they're not.  Especially this one...  He thinks he's so funny...

Yes, that's spit in the bottom photo...boys are so gross...

My girl isn't quite so bad, but she does have a tendency to do her super dramatic, super fake, super giant smile.  And her frowny eyebrows are another favorite.

After all that I almost forgot to share my 'card'!  Here you go!

I really want to wish everyone that reads this blog a very Merry Christmas.  I hope you have an awesome time with family and friends and that you truly experience the joy that comes from knowing that your Savior came to Earth as a tiny baby in order to grow into a man who would die for your sins that you might have eternal life. I mean, really, when you think about it, it's the most amazing thing!  It's definitely cause for a celebration.  Merry Christmas!

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Christmas 2012

I realize that it is halfway through January, and Christmas feels like it was ages ago now, but I'm going to post about it anyway! I've been meaning to post some photos for a while, but I seriously took so many photos this year that it took me a while to get through them all.  We had a wonderful Christmas season filled with lots of family celebrations and some low key fun as well.  I'll just tell you about it as I share some (and by some I mean tons of) pictures...

We started off the season with my daughter having a little solo in the children's Christmas program at our church.  I was so proud of her!

My mom and I took my daughter downtown to see the nutcracker for the first time. We definitely started a new tradition because it was so fun!

My aunt had her Christmas celebration early this year which worked out great since almost everyone was able to come.  It was so nice for my kids to get to play with some of their cousins who we rarely see.

We did a white elephant exchange which was a pretty big hit with everyone.  My mom got a singing was pretty hilarious.

Some of the kids checking it out.  I'm just glad it's at her house and not mine!

Baby tricks.

I love this picture of the cousins!  There were two missing that night and we've got two more 'on the way', so next year's picture will be fun!

We made it to see Santa just in the nick of time for them to give him their lists.  My son took his Lego catalog and pointed to a bunch of different things he wanted before Santa gently nudged him off his lap. :) 

They weren't fooled this year...they both said this wasn't the real Santa and that he must just relay their lists to the real one since he can't possibly be at every mall and store in the world.

Christmas Eve at my mom's house.

My daughter got a fake breathing dog from my mom.  She begged and begged for it while we were on our trip to Florida and she never forgot all year.  I'm glad my mom went back and got it for her. :)

I love this picture of my sweet girl.

My son got this amazing lamp from his aunt!  He loves it. That's all the cousins (minus one who wasn't there) in their Christmas jammies in the top photo.  

Another cousin pic.  These are all my mom's grandkids.

Christmas morning.

You thought I was exaggerating when I said tons of photos, right?  Yep, one last celebration with my husbands family.  My boy finally got the one present he was dying for, Lego Heroica.  He was one happy boy.

Her uncle made her a bed for her American Girl doll.  She was so excited.

I love these kids.

My son got tons of Legos this year...just what he wanted. :)

If you stuck around after what might possibly be the longest post I've ever written, thanks, you're probably related to me. :)  Next post...Favorite Photos of 2012.  I've got some narrowing down to do!


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